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The 2016 Convention will be hosted by Knanaya Association of Victoria Australia on 16th,17th,18th and 19th of September 2016!!


3rd KCCO Convention 2016 in Melbourne


It is that time again!!!! We are only 337 days away from the much awaited Melbourne KCCO Convention 2016. Convention Committee has started their hard work to make this a memorable and enjoyable one for all the knanaya community in Oceania. As informed earlier the dates of the convention are from Friday the 16th September 2016 to Monday the 19th September 2016.
We earnestly request you to plan for this convention well in advance so that there will not be any last minute disappointment.
Convention Committee has selected Mr. Sunu Simon Uravakuzhiyil, KCVA President as the Convention Chairman and Mr. Thomas Sajeev Kayippurathu, KCCO Vice President as the Convention Vice Chairman.
Convention committee has decided to conduct a competition among the knanaya people in Oceania to select an appropriate Convention name (not more than three words) and convention theme (not more than five words) by accepting bids and the winners will be rewarded during the convention.
The last date for submitting the bids is Wednesday the 21st October 2015 and you are advised to submit your bids through your respective units. So not much time to waste, act fast....
Simon Thomas Veluparambil - General Secretary-KCCO
Binu Jacob Thuruthiyil - President - KCCO








KCCO Convention 2014 Photos !! Full Set !!!











Dear KCCO Unit Leaders,


Please ....You Must give the team players details by 15th of August (Volley ball & Tug of  war)
KCCO Canberra Convention committee is tirelessly working to make our unity in Canberra the best enjoyable way for all participants. We are trying the level best to be fair to all units.
Please cooperate with us with your timely support on below requests. We can plan  things only with the resources available.
Refer below for the final check list and rules & regulations of every events take place during these 3 days at Canberra.
Please read it carefully and communicate with community members to avoid any disappointments.
Bear in mind, a convention become meaningful when it is truly reflects in spiritual, educational, informative and entertaining to us especially the next generation.
Let us together work for the success of this great event and appreciate your support in creating some interest in community.










Convention Packages Available:


Packages available for visiting members in the convention which is as follows.


Package 1


Members above 15 years not Living in hotel for 3 days –Rates - $80 - (including 3 days food and full participation of Convention programs/activities)


Children 5-14 Years not Living in hotel for 3 days –Rates - $ 70 – Child (including 3 days food and full participation of Convention programs/activities)


Package 2


Rate for convention day only (Sunday 28th Sept 2014) - $ 50 – Members above 15 years (including 3 days food and full participation of Convention programs/activities)


One day Rate for convention (Sunday) - $ 30 – Children 5-14 Years (including 1 days food and full participation of Convention programs/activities)


All visiting members must leave the property after the programs according to the program chart. Under no circumstances the visitors are allowed to stay or share accommodation with friends or relatives in the resort.

These package registrations closing on August 15th

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Sachin Pattumakkil
Convention Chairman

+61 426 233 955,








Convention only three months away !!



Dear KCCO Member association Leaders,


I am happy to inform that we have excellent registration from all member associations for the upcoming KCCO Canberra Convention2014. Melbourne Association has the maximum registration with over 300 people followed by Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and New Zealand. We also have many booking from Alice Spring, Mildura,Orange, Goldcost and Wagga-wagga. I sincerely thank every members who took initiative to register our convention and I am confident that this convention will be a memorable one in the history of Knananites in Oceania.


Can I request your attention in to following points as the convention is just 3 months away;


It is our collective responsibility to entertain the people and make the convention a huge success by quality programs and activities. Every association have specific times allotted and KCCO request unit leaders to focus on quality cultural programs with variety and maximum participation.


We have our interstate ever rolling trophy competitions for Volleyball, Tug of war (Men’s and Women’s), Chendamelam, Purathanapattu, Rally and Mr.& Miss Kna.


Team Registration for all above competitions must be done before 15th June 2014 by an email to


Fixtures for all sports activates will be made after the above registration date.


All members attending convention without accommodation packages must leave the property after the programs according to the program chart. Under no circumstances the visitors are allowed to stay or share accommodation with friends or relatives in the resort.


As you all know a lot of preparation and hard work involved to manage a crowd of over 1000 for 3 days and I sincerely request your cooperation on all above to avoid any disappointments. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Sachin Pattumakkil

Convention Chairman

+61 426 233 955 ,








Dear Loving Knanaya community in Oceania,

As you all know, 2nd Oceania Knanaya Convention-"Canberra 2014" Convention Center accommodation (100%) has been sold out. We sincerely appreciate and thank your support and spirit to participate our upcoming convention.
Considering the high demand from community and in order to accommodate every knanaya members in Oceania, KCCO Convention committee decided to book another hotel 900M away (walking distance) from main convention center and 50% registration is completed in this property as well.
Please do your registration ASAP to avoid any disappointment. This facility got 74 single room accommodation. However we do not cater in this hotel or transport the guest to this new facility.
Registration cost for this new property remain same which is $180 (adults), $115/- (5-15 Years old) and children below 5 are free.
Please see the program chart for all 3 days of our convention and basic rules for cultural programs & sports activities. Convention committee will strictly adhere with this timetable to make sure our community thoroughly enjoy every moments in Canberra.
If anyone wish to sponsor a cash award to any of the winning sports teams, please let us know by email at


Refer below for KCCO Convention 2014 programs and rules:


KCCO Convention-2014 Program Chart


Basic Rules for Programs


Rules and Regulations- KCCO Beauty Pageant-2014












Pulimoottil Silks - KCCO Convention Canberra 2014 Major Sponsor.







KCCO - Canberra Convention 2014 location and direction details.





We are very glad to inform that “2nd Oceania Convention-Canberra 2014” ticket sale kick off conducted  on 3rd Nov. 2014 by Bishop Dr. James Thoppil presenting  to Melbourne KCYL Executive members during the 10th anniversary celebrations of KCVA.  Convention registration is open now and tickets are available for purchase. Tickets are already handed over/ posted to your Local association presidents /NC members today and can be collected.


Program Outline of KCCO Canberra-2014 Convention.




Convention related materials officially inaugurated in Sydney Knanaya Catholic Association gathering on 31st Aug. 2013  by our knanaya priests in Sydney  Fr Fr.Shaju Chamapara (Deliver a message on convention), Fr.Jose Cherayilputherpurayil (Lead the prayer), Fr. Joy Kunnaseri (Blessing and inauguration of Convention Flyer) at Fr.Jaison Kuzhil's  church in the presence of Fr.Shiju Avanoor , Convention ChairmanSachin Pattumakkil, Sydney association President Jacob Alex, KCCO Treasurer Bijoy Thoppil, KCCO youth coordinator Ajish Lukose and other leaders of Sydney knanaya association.

Knanaya Community in Sydney assured their full support and presence for the upcoming Canberra convention and looking forward to meet their brethren in Sept. 2014 school holidays. KCCO take this opportunity to thank Sydney Knanaya association for their support and assistance in this matter.

KCCO Convention Chairman and Executives visiting all member associations in coming months and inviting community personally. Looking forward to see you all soon.


Convention promo video :





Click here for more updates and convention flyer.





Dear KCCO Community members,
We are very delighted to inform that KCCO National Council decided to conduct the 2nd Knanaya Oceania Convention during school holidays of September 27, 28 and 29th of 2014 at Canberra Lakes Carotel Resort. Convention is planned for 3 days with seminars for youth and women, sports and cultural activities and a complimentary day tour in Capital city on last day. There will be Volley ball and Tug of war competition also arranged between associations with ever rolling trophies to strengthen our unity and spirit.  A detailed program chart will be followed shortly.

KCCO officials and Canberra association leaders already signed the contract with the resort and this facility can accommodate bed for up to 1000 adults. Unlike last year family accommodation is available for all families.




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KCCO kindly request you to mark these dates in your calendar and book you seat well in advance to secure your 3 days holidays in Canberra by register with respective association leaders or email :
Mr.Sachin Pattumakkil, KCCO Secretary and President of Canberra Catholic Association is the KCCO Convention Chairman for 2014. KCCO take this opportunity to congratulate Mr.Sachin and wish him all the best and success.