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New KCYLO Executive Committe Members !!!!







Dear KCCO Community Parents,



KCCO National Counsel  decided to conduct the first KCCO youth camp, formation of KCYL Oceania(KCYLO) and electing the leaders in Jan 2014 summer holidays. Please see the attached flyer which gives an idea and program chart of this camp. It is very important to connect our youth in Oceania and then around the globe as our community and youth face new challenges todays time.


We request all parents to utilize this golden opportunity and pre book your kids seat by contacting your respective KCYL or association leaders. Alternatively you can reserve the seat by simply emailing to


Kids from Grade 7 onwards are eligible to attend this camp. Refer to KCYLO flyer for more details.


We have US and UK educated scholars leading classes and it will be an informative, faith and fun focused camp to connect our future generations.







I take this opportunity to introduce myself; I am Ajish Lukose the Youth Coordinator of KCCO. My main role is to coordinate with member associations leaders to establish and encourage youth forums in your respective units. As you are aware, currently KCYL is formed only under 3 KCCO member associations. During the past few years our community strength has significantly increased in Oceania region. It is important to transfer our year old traditions and believes to our younger generations. Often our commitments or busy life schedule do not permit to do this. Knanya Associations/Federations have a major role to play on this context.

KCCO NC discussed this matter in detail and decided to urge all member associations to form KCYL before KCCO Convention scheduled in September 2014. KCCO’s first National Council appointed me as the Youth Coordinator to coordinate this task until KCYLO (Knanaya Catholic Youth League of Oceania) is officially formed.

All such KCYL youth units will be united under KCYLO, a youth wing of KCCO. They are our future to carry forward our own ethnic Knanaya traditions and culture.

KCCO NC decided to keep the minimum age limit of KCYL member from Year 7 onwards.

Hence I request all member association leaders to establish KCYL unit under your respective unit. KCCO decided to spare a full day during our convention for all these KCYL members to interact, refresh their friendship and elect their leaders for Oceania Youth federation. KCCO is planning to conduct leadership camps and youth activities for our youth very soon. Objectives of KCYLO is Promote student exchange programs. Providing opportunities for students to interact which will enhance them to help each other. Providing matrimonial opportunities which in turn will promote marriages within the communities. Promote Youth Prayer groups which will enhance the faith in young people. Youth Leadership camps if possible.  Promote youth activities through our Website, KCCO quarterly Magazine, Kids Corner etc. Healthy and meaningful relationship between our kids.

Do not hesitate to contact me on below email or phone if you have any questions.


Ajish Lukose

KCYLO Coordinator

Knanaya Catholic Congress of Oceania (KCCO)

Ph.: +61 (0) 403594650